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The Water Cure Recipe

The Water Cure Recipe

You need to drink 1/2 your body weight of water in ounces daily to stay hydrated. This amount is the baseline of what you need. Heat and activity will increase the need. Dehydration alone is responsible for hundreds of health problems…this is an EASY health fix!

Example: 180 lb = 90 oz. of water daily or 4/24 oz. bottles every day.

Using a 24 ounce water bottles divide your ounces by 24 to see how many bottles you need.

Our 24 oz bottles are insulated won't sweat and are leak-proof. The fat straw makes it easier safer and faster to drink the amounts you need for hydration. 

You can use your water to help with alkalizing your body at the same time.  Just add the juice of lemons or limes to your water.  (see Alkalize with Lemons)

Use 1/4 tsp. of unprocessed sea salt and the juice of one lemon for every bottle of water you drink.

As long as you drink the water you can use the salt. Use only unprocessed sea salt. Avoid table salt. It only has three minerals in it. While the best sea salts contain all minerals you should take an ounce of ionized minerals a day to maximize your immune system.

Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. These are diuretics and will dehydrate you. Every 6 oz. of caffeine or alcohol requires an additional 10 to 12 oz. of water to re-hydrate you.


The human body is about 75% water and 25% solid matter. The brain is said to be 85% water and is extremely sensitive to any dehydration or depletion of its water content. It is water that regulates all the functions of the body, including the action of all the solids that water carries around.

Here is just a small list of conditions which respond to drinking more water:





Back Pain


Chronic fatigue





Dry skin




High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol

Lack of Sweating







Sunken Eyes


 Probably the most amazing thing is the 100% cure of pet arthritis just by adding unprocessed sea salt to their water and food at ¼ tsp. per quart of water and sprinkling some on its food.

cool_off_pink.jpgcool off blue bigger_2.jpg

We have fantastic bottles at the office.   We have a wide selection of colors.  They are 24 ounces, BPA free, insulated so they don't sweat and hold the cold and they close over the big soft straw so they won't leak in your purse or briefcase or when knocked over by kids and pets.

You want your water with you at all times and these make it easy! Just $9 each!!

Nothing in these statements is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.